About us

For some time Team MediYoga Norway had talked about how great it would be to have our own location for our retreats. So I started looking at available properties in the Costa Blanca area in Spain. I know this area well and it has good flight connections with Scandinavia.

One sunny day in February 2016, sitting on the plane on my way home from a meeting in Alicante, I picked up my iPad to continue my usual search and the first property that popped up was Villa Dorothea. The place looked absolutely perfect! And so the process began, and in October 2016 we became the happy owners of Villa Dorothea Retreat.

A little history

Dorothea and her husband, a couple from Germany, bought the property in 1998. They fell in love with the location and its tranquility and started building the beautiful house that is there today. A few years ago, age caught up with them and they both passed away. Everyone who visits the place can see and experience how the whole property carries the mark of Dorothea’s creative hand and taste. It was clear she must have been a feminine, happy, elegant person and with a sense of humour. She loved to be surrounded by beauty.

Welcome to Dorothea’s world!

Staying at villa dorothea

Welcome to an exhilarating and refreshing stay with us at Villa Dorothea. Experience wonderful days filled with warmth and energy in our luxurious and inviting retreat in the middle of Orxeta. Join one of our yoga courses or rent Villa Dorothea for your next event. Comfortable accommodation for up to 25 people, our own salt-water pool and the services of our dedicated kitchen staff ensure you and your guests have a relaxing and memorable stay.

Culinary experiences from our kitchen

Villa Dorothea can tempt you with mouth-watering, organic, vegetarian dishes that will delight your taste-buds. We provide our guests with healthy, fresh produce, brim full of exciting tastes. Our two in-house chefs guarantee energy-boosting laughter-filled days here at Villa Dorothea.

Course calendar

We regularly hold courses and seminars at Villa Dorothea, providing opportunities for learning alongside exploring the beautiful nature of the area. The property is also available for rent to those who wish to hold their own courses here. If you are a course provider, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a booking.

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